A Playlist for the Working Girl

Merry Monday, it is time to wake up, find an outfit that does not clash and get to your day job. I am not a morning person. Each day begins in a blur as I stumble around my room trying to find tights and matching shoes, while attempting to remain quiet for the sake of my fellow cottage dwellers. I then embark on my 20 minute walk* to work. Some mornings my commute feels like a musical opening ... READ MORE >

Ching Shih: Pirate Queen

"No one shall satisfy [their] lust with captured women in the villages or public places. On board, the permission of the squadron leader must be obtained for this purpose, and the act performed aside, in the ship's hold." - Ching Shih, commander of the Red Flag Fleet Ching Shih is without a doubt the most successful female pirate in history. The little information historians have gathered about ... READ MORE >

My Night at Adele’s Concert

Two beetles, a small-scale debate about tv soap operas, a cackle and purple sequin ball-gown: this is a recount of the night I spent with Adele. Last Thursday, Adele arrived in Auckland, New Zealand to perform her final three concerts after a year of touring. Her audience of 45,000 people were greeted by her larger than life eyes, adorned in her trademark eyeliner, on four screens hugging the ... READ MORE >

Zahra Lari: The Real Life Ice Princess from UAE

“I wish for all young women to find their passion. To be concerned for their health and well being. To take up sport. To not let small obstacles look like mountains. To strive for their own betterment and to not see the differences in people but to only see the likenesses. This is my wish for all.” - Zahra Lari Zahra Lari is the UAE’s ice princess. While, it initially sounds strange for a ... READ MORE >

The Women In History My Mother Told Me About

Hello and welcome to Women’s History Month! Although every month is women’s history month on Let’s Hear it For The Girl, I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on why women’s history has always been a fascination of mine. The answer is simple. It is because of my wonderful mother. Mum and I both share an obsession with period dramas, royal family trivia and out of hand Wikipedia searches ... READ MORE >

Why Ever After Is The Best Fairytale

"You cannot leave everything to fate, boy. She's got a lot to do. Sometimes you must give her a hand." - Leonardo Di Vinci to Prince Henry in Ever After I find it really difficult to be friends with people who do not love Drew Barrymore. I am sorry, but if you cannot find it in your heart to love the walking embodiment of the sun, then we are going to have problems. I admire Drew for ... READ MORE >

Seven often-forgotten African American Women in History

In celebration of Black History month, Let’s Hear It For The Girl, is showcasing seven great African American women in history. While casting a spotlight on only seven women is an insignificant step towards remedying centuries worth of hidden figures, hopefully it will encourage all of us to look deeper and consider those history has failed to remember. 1. Cathay Williams 1842 - ... READ MORE >

Thoughts from the Women’s March on Washington

On 21 January 2017, over 5 million people gathered across the globe to participate in the Women’s March. The March was organised in response to Donald Trump’s inauguration and stance on various issues. Protesters marched and spoke in support of human rights including women’s rights and LGBTQ rights, healthcare and immigration reform. The protest marked the largest single day of protesting in ... READ MORE >

The Best Songs from Season One of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has a crazy premise. Let me break it down for you. Rachel is a high-flying New York lawyer when she finds herself fighting through a panic attack after being offered a junior partnership. As she tries to convince herself “this is what happy feels like!” she bumps into her high school ex-boyfriend from summer camp. His name is Josh. After talking to him and hearing about his ... READ MORE >

Galentine’s Day

For those of you not in the know, Parks and Recretion's, fierce leading lady, Leslie Knope is the creator of Galentine's Day, the world's best holiday. Galentine's Day is observed the day before Valentine's on February 13th. It is a day devoted to ladies celebrating ladies. Delicious food should also feature. Watch everyone's favourite optimist explain it here. We celebrate mothers, fathers, ... READ MORE >