A Playlist for the Working Girl

Thank you to the 1980’s classic, Working Girl, for being the inspiration behind today’s post.

Merry Monday, it is time to wake up, find an outfit that does not clash and get to your day job.

I am not a morning person. Each day begins in a blur as I stumble around my room trying to find tights and matching shoes, while attempting to remain quiet for the sake of my fellow cottage dwellers. I then embark on my 20 minute walk* to work. Some mornings my commute feels like a musical opening number. Something akin to Good Morning, Baltimore! And other mornings it feels like the beginning of the end. Imagine the organ music from Interstellar signalling impending doom.

This playlist was curated for my fellow working girls. Hopefully some or all of these songs brighten your work day and enhance your productivity. We all have to get through it somehow. We have career ladders to climb, rent to pay and brunches to look forward to.

Warning: many musical numbers are ahead. Proceed with anticipation.

*Author’s note: my walk to work is not 20 minutes. It is a solid 27 minutes, 25 minutes if I am very strategic with traffic lights. And I wonder why I am always late.

1. Another Day of Sun – The cast of La La Land

Is there a better way to start the day than relishing in the fact that you are alive to enjoy another day? (The presence of sun is a welcome bonus). I have listened to Another Day of Sun every morning since I saw La La Land last November. It never fails to make me happier and reassure me as to the quality of my life choices. The boppy beat sets a brisk pace for skipping. So by the time I arrive at work I believe I have just finished the most cinematic walk to work. Yes, I have indeed smiled at everyone, thoroughly freaking out my fellow commuters along Lambton Quay.

2. The Trolley Song – Judy Garland

Do you need a song to help you with your public transport woes? Judy Garland is here for you with her charming performance of this classic. It may even inspire you to pursue a romance with the dapper fellow who can never find his bus card.

Extra for experts: watch Meet Me In St Louis

3. I’m Every Woman – Whitney Houston

You have now arrived at work and have a million things to do. You are not sure if you have the skill set or the time to complete them all. This is when I want you to listen to this song and remember: you are every woman. It is all in you.

4. Whistle While You Work – Snow White

Morning tea time has passed and lunch is barely on the horizon. Take heed and cast your mind back to Snow White’s words of wisdom and just whistle while you work. Hopefully you have very understanding work mates and do not work in an open plan office.

5. I Have Confidence – Julie Andrews

Anytime of day is the right time to have the world’s best pep-talk sung to you by one of history’s great performers: Dame Julie freaking Andrews.

6. New Jerusalem by Carly Simon

This would not be a working girl playlist without the anthem from 1988’s Working Girl starring Melanie Griffith and Harrison Ford. Carly will inspire you to wear a black pant suit and smash the glass ceiling. To date, I have opted for floral prints and will keep you posted on the ceiling.

7. Able – Pharrell Williams

Ladies, you are able. This song was written by Pharrell Williams for the mega-hit Hidden Figures late last year. The whole soundtrack is full of historical references and women in the workplace vibes. I would suggest giving the whole soundtrack a listen and maybe even reading my review of the film.

8. Defying Gravity – Idina Menzel

There is only one hour of the day left and then you can finally leave. It may be tough, it may be nearly impossible. It is time to defy gravity.

9. Proud – Heather Small

Go home and you ask yourself, your flatmates, family members or fellow commuters, what have you done today to make you feel proud? (Bonus points if you know which British comedian I stole this idea from). I am damn sure there is at least one thing you should be proud of, even if it was getting up and making it to work. You did good.

10. Shake It Out – Florence and the Machine

Now the day is done it is time to Shake It Out while you cook dinner and dance. Celebrate it is all over and prepare your soul for doing it all again tomorrow.

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