The Best Songs from Season One of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has a crazy premise. Let me break it down for you. Rachel is a high-flying New York lawyer when she finds herself fighting through a panic attack after being offered a junior partnership. As she tries to convince herself “this is what happy feels like!” she bumps into her high school ex-boyfriend from summer camp. His name is Josh. After talking to him and hearing about his ... READ MORE >

Jane The Virgin’s Refreshing Approach to Sex, Virginity and Everything In Between

Jane The Virgin is a treasure trove bursting at the seams with intelligent characters and storylines. With three strong Latina women at the helm, the show smashes stereotypes and proudly represents the Latina community. And as if this was not impressive enough, Jane The Virgin also tackles sex, or the lack of it, in every episode. The title character of the show, Jane Villanueva, provides a fresh ... READ MORE >