The Women In History My Mother Told Me About

Hello and welcome to Women’s History Month! Although every month is women’s history month on Let’s Hear it For The Girl, I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on why women’s history has always been a fascination of mine. The answer is simple. It is because of my wonderful mother. Mum and I both share an obsession with period dramas, royal family trivia and out of hand Wikipedia searches ... READ MORE >

Seven often-forgotten African American Women in History

In celebration of Black History month, Let’s Hear It For The Girl, is showcasing seven great African American women in history. While casting a spotlight on only seven women is an insignificant step towards remedying centuries worth of hidden figures, hopefully it will encourage all of us to look deeper and consider those history has failed to remember. 1. Cathay Williams 1842 - ... READ MORE >

Why I Started Blogging

I came up with the idea for Let’s Hear It For The Girl over a year ago. Despite buying a domain name and having a website designed almost immediately, I only published my first post five days ago. At the beginning of 2016 I moved to a city I did not know. Drama ensued with my flatting arrangement, I started working as a law clerk and spent my first few months confused and a little scared. I ... READ MORE >