A Playlist for the Working Girl

Merry Monday, it is time to wake up, find an outfit that does not clash and get to your day job. I am not a morning person. Each day begins in a blur as I stumble around my room trying to find tights and matching shoes, while attempting to remain quiet for the sake of my fellow cottage dwellers. I then embark on my 20 minute walk* to work. Some mornings my commute feels like a musical opening ... READ MORE >

Advice For A Young Lawyer

As a law clerk you live at the bottom of a very big heap. You report to everyone in the heap and everyone in that heap is your boss. Sometimes you wait for work that never comes and other days you want to hide from everyone who keeps throwing work at you. During my first six months as a clerk I became increasingly grateful for one particular solicitor in my team, we shall call her ... READ MORE >