The Best Songs from Season One of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has a crazy premise. Let me break it down for you. Rachel is a high-flying New York lawyer when she finds herself fighting through a panic attack after being offered a junior partnership. As she tries to convince herself “this is what happy feels like!” she bumps into her high school ex-boyfriend from summer camp. His name is Josh. After talking to him and hearing about his happy life in a small town in California, Rachel decides to quit her job and her life, to follow him. Only to find out upon her arrival that he has a girlfriend. Crazy right?

To add to the crazy, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a musical. I have selected some of my personal favourite songs that make me laugh like a crazy person. I highly recommend you systemically make your way through the list and then watch the television show ASAP. You would be crazy not to.

  1. West Covina

The opening song number ft. a giant pretzel, a fabulous sequin dress and a diverse ensemble. 

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  1. The Sexy Getting Ready Song

An accurate portrayal of the terrifying work that goes into getting ready if you fall prey to societies expectations. It is some “nasty ass, patriarchal bullshit.”

  1. I’m So Good at Yoga

This song expresses every thought you have ever experienced during yoga class, including “let your mind go blank and focus on how awesome your yoga teacher is.”

  1. Settle For Me

Because there is nothing like some self-deprecating humour and old Hollywood glamour.

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  1. Heavy Boobs

Heavy boob awareness has long been in need of an anthem. Yes, boobs are heavy, yes bras are uncomfortable. Also, watch out for the life-changing Mary Poppins reference.

  1. JAP Battle

“It’s a JAP battle. A what? A Jewish American Princess…”

  1. Stupid Bitch

A song for those times when your self-loathing is crippling AND theatrical.

  1. Sexy French Depression

Anyone ever felt that your anxiety is so out of control that all you can think about is thinking about thinking about thinking about fixing everything you’ve ever done wrong and all of the ways you’ve already fucked up your life beyond repair? This one is for you.

  1. I’m the Villain In My Own Story

This song encourages a healthy level of self-awareness and confirms giving annually to UNICEF does not necessarily make you a good person.

  1. Flooded with Justice

Les Miserables fans, thank me later.

BONUS: Dream Ghost

This dream ghost gives advice you kind of already knew.

Readers, let the binging begin!

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