You Are Never Fully Dressed Without A Pin

I have recently found a passion for the pin fashion trend. I have spent hours scrolling and searching Instagram for pins that truly capture the quirky and socially conscious aspects of my personality. In my exploration I have discovered some pins that are too good not to share.

Here are some of my favourite pins featuring my favourite figures in history and fiction!

Pins from Kate Gabrielle

Kate Gabrielle has so many wonderful pins. Fans of Jurassic Park, The Spice Girls, Gilmore Girls, Mary Poppins and bread need to check out her collection ASAP. Below are some of my favourites. You can browse all of her pins here. Kate also has a flawless Instagram account which will fill you with dress envy.


The nanny named Fran Fine enamel lapel pin – $12.00


We are clearly soldiers in petticoats enamel lapel pin – $12.00


Votes for women enamel lapel pin $12.00


Mindy Kaling enamel lapel pin – $12.00


Leslie Knope enamel lapel pin – $12.00


Ellie Sattler Jurassic Park enamel lapel pin – $12.00


Pins from Word For Word Factory

I cannot explain Word For Word Factory better than they do: pins that start a conversation or casually avoid one. Look at their fantastic collection here.


Feminist With A To-Do List enamel pin – $13.00


Intersectional Feminist Lapel Pin – $13.00

Pins from Weirdo Weapons

For all of you Mad Men lovers, this pin is for you. Buy it here.

Peggy Olsen Is The Boss pin - $9.00

Peggy Olsen Is The Boss pin – $9.00

Pins from Salad Days Pins

Salad Days Pins have the perfect range of history pins that I had to feature. Their ‘Crown Jewels: Ladies in Waiting’ collection features Lady Macbeth, Marie Antoinette, Nefertiti and Princess Anastasia. It is impossible to pick one, just get all four here and browse their Instagram here.


Ladies in Waiting (complete Crown Jewels collection 4-pack) – NZ $50.32 (check store for other currencies).


Marie Antoinette – NZ$14.38


Anastasia Romanov – NZ$14.38


Nefertiti – NZ$14.38


Lady MacBeth – NZ$14.38


Another look at the full set because we are OBSESSED.

Pins from The Found

The Found has a pin for every pop culture reference. From Hillary and Donald, to Stranger Things, Broad City and Game of Thrones, you are sure to find something for your latest obsession. Check out their Etsy shop here.


Michelle Obama Enamel Pin, First Lady – NZ$14.02


Frida Kahlo Pin, Soft Enamel Pin – N$14.02


Hillary 2016, President, Soft Enamel Pin – NZ$14.02


Eleven Pin, Soft Enamel Pin – NZ$14.02

That is all for now, I do not want to bankrupt you, dear reader. Happy pin collecting!

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